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We specialise in all wet waste disposal including drum and bulk waste, tank cleaning and tank removal services.  As any producer of chemical products will be aware, the problems caused by build-up of contamination on vessel sides, agitator shafts and blade surfaces can be a major one.

  • Replacement foam or concrete filling

  • Decommissioning of tanks

  • Internal vessel and vessel cleaning

  • Low pressure and non-destructive tank testing

  • Removal of tanks using cutting equipment

  • Hydro demolition

Choose from our broad spectrum of cleaning services which include skip and tipper hire, bulk waste collection and much more.

  • Cleaning contaminated tanks

  • Decontamination of contaminated areas

  • Tank drainage and disposal of tank

  • High pressure water jetting

  • Cleaning and purging of pipe-work

  • Testing and gas free certification

Cost effective tank and vessel cleaning services in the UK. Get in touch with RESB today!

Special cleaning services include

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Our team at RESB is able to clean tanks and vessels from outside without the need to send operatives into these confined spaces. This offers a huge risk reduction to this previously high hazard task. For over 25 years, we’ve specialised in cleaning wet waste or those using large tanks, and helping with disposal for both commercial and domestic use.

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